About Mifflin

Mifflin Dove Jr. is a native Texan who grew up in Corpus Christi. He has a degree in accounting from Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi and a Master of Divinity Degree from the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia.

Mifflin is married to Tonia and has two children. He is active at Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Katy, Texas. He is a Colonel in the Commemorative Air Force Houston Wing, and he also holds a Consumer Tobacconist Certification from the Tobacconist University.

Mifflin’s interests include theology, astronomy, history, genealogy, photography, guitar playing, pipe-smoking, knife collecting, and numismatics.

Mifflin is the managing member of Dove Bookkeeping LLC, a professional bookkeeping practice serving multiple churches and non-profit organizations.